We Found The Ultimate Jogging Stroller For Short and Tall Parents

bob-joggerFor parents of varying heights, finding a jogging stroller that is comfortable for both parents is often hard to accomplish. This is why it is usually just one parent that gets the most use out of a running stroller. With this being just a hefty investment, it would only make sense to find something that the both of you can get an equal amount of use out of.

Fortunately, there is an option out there that is perfect for short and tall Moms and Dads to enjoy. The BOB Revolution Flex combines the performance and safety features of their widely popular strollers with the flexibility to accommodate various heights of their owners. Below is just some of what this model has to offer active parents.

Adjustable Handlebar

Since strollers are used by both couples it is good to have handle bars with adjustable height. This works especially well if the couple is athletic and have to go for jogs or brisk walks together. This is where BOB Revolution FLEX has it right. The handle bars come padded and adjustable to 9 height levels between 33.5” and 45.8” to suit any height and stride.

This feature is why many parents have this as their best rated jogging stroller of 2019 and why they recommend it so highly. The feedback from users has been relatively positive. Its high marks are one of the big reasons to consider this stroller for your family.

Fast & Slow Paced Capabilities

This is a must have feature for any stroller worth its salt. The front wheel of the BOB Revolution FLEX can lock to allow you to jog or take a brisk walk. Whenever you have to maneuver through grocery store aisles, malls and other tight spaces, the front stroller wheel swivels to allow for control with comfort.


The superior design gives the stroller unmatched comfort for children of any age from 8 weeks upwards with a maximum height of 44”. The following features allow for superior comfort for both the pusher and the baby.

  • The suspension features a coil spring and shock absorbers with an elastomizer core easily allows for 3” of wheel travel. The suspension is adjustable to suit the weight of the baby, cargo and the terrain.
  • High impact wheels made of polymer composite that are inflatable with air to allow for smoother rides. The rear tires are 16” while the front measure 12” which is a good diameter for a smooth ride. The wheel dimensions also make the roll easy thus less effort to push it along.
  • 5- Point padded tangle free harness.
  • A luxuriously padded elegant seat that can recline to allow the child to sleep soundly or just lounge while you jog or stroll.
  • The stroller has an adjustable, multi-position canopy with windows that are big enough to allow you watch the baby from any position.
  • A foot brake conveniently placed for accessibility allows you to park the stroller without worrying about it rolling away.


Storage is very important for any baby stroller because sometimes you have to carry a lot off baby stuff while pushing the baby around. The BOB Revolution FLEX comes with a large cargo basket to allow you stack away diapers. There is also a large pocket at the back of the stroller seat allow for storage of smaller items. The mesh pockets in the stroller seat are ideal for small toys and pacifiers. The storage and baby seat are able to support a total weight to 70lb.

Adjustable Tracking

There is a common tendency with strollers to drift to one side while you jog. This is very frustrating and comes in the way of a good workout. The BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller saves you the visit to the repair shop by allowing you to fix the problem with the tracking adjustment knob. Enjoy your jog with this feature that makes control easy no matter the speed of your jog, weight of the cargo or terrain of the track.

Easy Folding

The stroller is easy to store and transport thanks to the two- step folding procedure. The procedure is also easily reversible so that you are on the go within seconds both ways. The measurements are 34.5″ L x 25.4″ W x 16″ H when folded and 48″ L x 25.4″ W x 33.5-45.8″ H when unfolded which perfectly fits into most cars and spaces around your home. The weight of the stroller is 26.2 pounds which is easy to carry in case you have to, like up a flight of stairs.

BOB Revolution FLEX is car seat compatible. The accessory attachment allows for it to fit well to the regular car seat adaptors.

You can also add personalized accessories like a sun shield or a snack tray just to add to the functionality.

Easy to Maintain

The stroller seat and frame are made make for easy spot cleaning. The seat material allows or you to clean with mild soap and lukewarm water then rinse to remove the soap and leave to dry. It is not advisable to use detergents.

There are a few things that the stroller misses, but having done such a good work with the BOB Revolution FLEX, I think BOB is working on the improvements. Some of the things missing include;

  • Cup or bottle holder that is easily accessible is more convenient for joggers who need to hydrate every now and then. A walk in the pack while pushing the stroller and sipping on something isn’t a bad idea either.
  • No hand brake. Although there is a foot parking brake, a hand brake would be more convenient to allow for stopping with ease.

If exercising with your kids is something that both parents would like to partake in, then having a stroller that fits properly is an important aspect. It comes in some trendy colors including wilderness green, lagoon blue, orange and black. There is a one year warranty on this magnificent product which you won’t get to use because of quality assurance from superior engineering technology.

Making a stroller that is perfect for every member of the family is clearly a tall order for many baby equipment manufacturers and therefore BOB really deserves high accolades for his craftsmanship in coming up with a fun and convenient way to give the baby rides whenever we go. Go on. Get this stroller today now that you know everything you ought to know about it.