The More Than Capable Breville Smart Oven For Serious Chefs

We came across the perfection countertop convection oven which offers an invaluable measure of convenience and performance. For years, Breville’s line of toaster ovens has been the standard that other manufacturers have tried to copy. They are also some of the most popular and highly rated models that owners cannot stop raving about. The ratings for this model are the best that we have come across for any toaster oven. There is plenty of great reasons to have this sitting in your kitchen.

If you love to cook but you are tired of messing with your full sized range, then this countertop oven may be just what you have been looking for. There are a plethora of reasons why the Breville BOV845BSS took the top spot in the latest Turnagain Times ratings . For now, we have a quick and simply rundown of what this countertop oven has to offer.

Smart Oven Pro Features

The product is an 1800-watt oven, boasting of Element IQ technology. It has five quartz elements that transfer heat to where it is required. This implies that your food is cooked more evenly since you can adjust the needed effect of the varied cooking functions. For example, toasting might need uniform amounts of heat for both top and bottom, while particular types of foods may require more heat either at the top or below. Thus, for quality cooking, the heat must be adjusted accordingly.

Precisely, the oven comes with ten preset cooking functions which include toast, bake, bagel, roast, broil, cookies, reheat, slow cook, and warm. You just need to use the function dial selector to choose what you need to do. The LCD at its disposal shows you the temperature and time for any cooking function selected. With the use of the corresponding function dial, you can alter both the temperature and cooking time. When the oven is in the cooking mode, the LCD changes color from blue to orange.

All About Convection

Additionally, it comes with an inbuilt fan, which gives it the convection cooking feature. By using the convection feature, it has been proven that one can speed up the cooking period by close to thirty percent. Also, there is a slow cook function which is another useful feature that offers you the opportunity of adding a new dish to your dinner table.

There is a pull-out crumb tray drawer which is notably accessible from the front. When the door opens, the rack is automatically ejected thus offering the much-needed convenience. Although there is a three-rack slot inside the oven, only one wire rack is provided in the package. This, however, should never deter you from purchasing this product, bearing in mind that the use of two racks simultaneously is not approved mainly because the cooking performance might be affected.

Moreover, the Breville BOV845BSS comes with helpful accessories including an enamel baking pan, an enamel broiling rack, and a non-stick pizza pan.


This particular brand of oven offers high efficiency when it comes to performance. The convection feature provides hot air around the cooking foods. The feature also ensures that food is cooked faster by thirty percent if you choose to use it.

The Element IQ heating system automatically detects where heat is mostly needed, whereas the keep warm function automatically activates itself when food is done thus keeping the food warm for up to three hours. The device is arguably almost perfect.

To enhance the performance levels up to a higher standard, there are ten cooking options. And if you like multi cookers that can replace several machines, the Breville BOV845BSS can replace slow cooker, oven, and a toaster. The slow cooking feature can cook food even at low temperatures for up to ten hours.


Regarding convenience, this device is a giant. For instance, the timer has a feature of auto-shutoff, which alerts the user when the food is ready. Additionally, the auto-eject magnetic rack moves halfway when the door is open, thus allowing for quick and easy access to the cooked food.


  • Slow Cooker: Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this oven is its ability to allow users to cook up to ten hours. This is a unique feature that very few toaster ovens may have.
  • Interior Light: regarding convenience, the availability of this feature is a big plus. The light is automated to turn on thirty seconds before your cooking time runs out hence allowing you to watch the progress of the food and check if additional time is needed.
  • Easy to operate: Anybody should be in a position to use this device with ease. There are dials to set the time, function and temperature and are displayed on the LCD screen clearly.
  • Convection Cooking: If you would like to save both money and time then using convection to cook your meals is the way to go. This feature is something that gets a lot of high praise from owners and is a real advantage to this oven model.


  • Price: The product is notably a very expensive brand. It is notably one of the priciest toaster ovens out there in the market.
  • Sides get very hot: The issue of the sides getting extremely hot is, in fact, a very common complaint from every user, and it is typical for nearly all toaster ovens. It is mainly due the fact that that there is no insulation to cater for the heat that they emit.

The Bottom Line

Even though it is one of the higher priced countertop ovens on the market, it is worth every penny if you can afford it. For years toaster oven reviews have featured the BOV800XL as the top rated countertop oven. Breville has taken the near perfection of that model and has added need improvements to make the BOV845BSS that much better. This is perhaps the best convection toaster oven that you can buy that will fit into just about any type of kitchen. With modern design, great performance, and intuitive controls, this is will be the new top dog in the kitchen oven arena for years to come.